UH Nett Vest seminar in Stockholm

Along with colleagues from Volda, Bergen and Oslo, I attended a UH Nett Vest seminar in Stockholm, organized by Prof. Lars Nyre from University of Bergen. We visited Mobile Life at University of Stockholm, and the School of Computer Science and Communication at KTH.

Day 1: Mobile Life Center, University of Stockholm

On the first day of activities, we heard a presentation from Mobile Life co-director Maria Holm, where she introduced some of the fascinating research done at the centre. Maria stressed the importance of playfulness as an essential component of the centre’s research.





Professor Oskar Juhlin presented a book co-written with Barry Brown, Enjoying Machines (MIT Press, 2015).



We did a tour of the Mobile Life Center and looked at some of the projects that dealt with developing a design language for emotions.


The facilities were designed to encourage creativity and playfulness, and this was obvious from the kinds of thinking tools on display.


The area surrounding the Centre  had some impressive architecture.


Oded Ben-Horin presented his project Global Science Opera, where he has created a network of countries around the globe that collaborate in presenting an online live broadcasted, peer-created opera.


Professor Gunnar Liestøl from University of Oslo presented his project Situated Simulations.


At night time, my colleagues Dag Roland, Kjetil Vaage Øie and Torbjørn Frantsen and I went for a short tour around the old part of Stockholm.


Day 2: School of Computer Science and Communication at KTH

On the second day, we visited the beautiful KTH campus.



Professor Leif Dahlberg presented his book Universitetet som medium.



Professor Haibo Li presented his research on algorithms to process gestures using cameras on mobiles.



Professor Roberto Bresin presented his work on sonification and understanding different emotions through sound cues.

Professor Barbara Wasson then presented her newly established Centre for the Science of Learning (SLATE).




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