Pilot project “Web Documentary”

Media houses in Norway are looking for all-round journalists and media producers who can create good documentaries in written, audio and television formats, and for whom online publishing will be a core activity. However, higher education offers in the country that cover these skills are lacking.

Taking as starting point a digital reality, work is under way at Volda University College to change the way we teach media. In the Spring of 2016, we launched the bachelor level “web documentary” course. Through this course, we teach our students to produce digital content in interdisciplinary, dynamic teams.

Our results include:

Publications of completed web documentaries at Sunnmørsposten, a regional Norwegian newspaper (http://www.smp.no/nyheter/2016/09/29/Fjellfolket-p%C3%A5-Sunnm%C3%B8re-13562926.ece), VR project about Viking time (http://www.hivolda.no/for-studentar/nyhende?displayitem=5795&module=news)

Participation in international conferences such as I-Docs Bristol and NODA17

Digital platforms where our students can experiment with new documentary stories online (http://www.designlabs.no/wordpress)
Project leader for the pilot: Ana Sánchez Laws
Academic team: Tormod Utne, Dag Roland, Carl Nesset, Jon Harman, Kjetil Vaage Øie, Ivar John Erdal

Pilotmidler Finalization Seminar

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